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Torrentleech News - TL Points


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Torrentleech implemented a point/bonus system.

Introducing TL Points!
Friday 14th of December 2018 04:02:28 PM

Its been requested over and over and over again... Finally, we proudly present you the TL Points system!

What are TL Points??

TL Points are awarded for seeding complete torrents over time.

This is our way of saying "thank you!" for keeping your torrents active so other users can download them!

In order for a torrent to generate TL Points, 100% of the torrent must be downloaded . All relevant files, text, NFO etc, must be included whilst the torrent should be open and active in your torrent client!

Your bonus points will start to increase per hour, even if there are no leechers on the torrent!

How points are calculated?

You will be granted 1 TL Point per torrent per hour for up to 100 torrents. Only torrents bigger than 10 MB will be granted points.

Extra bonus points will be granted for certain torrents, based on their size as follows :

  • Torrents over 1 GB and up to 2 GB will be granted a 10% bonus.
  • Torrents over 2 GB and up to 5 GB will be granted a 15% bonus.
  • Torrents over 5 GB and up to 10 GB will be granted a 20% bonus.
  • Torrents over 10 GB will be granted a 30% bonus.
  • Finally, rare torrents which have up to 5 seeders will be granted 10% bonus on top!

Marketplace Exchange

  • 1 GB Upload: 3.000 points
  • 2 GB Upload: 5.500 points
  • 5 GB Upload: 11.000 points
  • 10 GB Upload: 20.000 points
  • 200 GB Upload: 350.000 points
  • 1 Day VIP: 100.000 points
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