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SuperBits News - Christmas Greetings


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Google Translation:

Greetings from Staff

Now it's Christmas again, time goes by just the speed.
When you think back, it's a long journey we've done.
Much has happened on the way.

We have fixed sticky.
Added more categories.
More items in the bonus shop.
Extended list of tops.
etc. ...
Even behind the scenes to keep this project floating.

So much has happened that we hardly remember and can figure it up ourselves.
There are nine users who will have all credit for this.

SuperBits exists for you, and without you, there will be no SuperBits.

We hope you do not forget SuperBits in Christmas. There is still little support in the form of donations.
Do not hesitate to tell you if you have questions about BTC etc. Staff PM here or if you want to take it by mail you will find us [email protected]
SuperBits needs all the support it can get!
We also want to thank those who have donated and help keep the page alive.

Right! We offer freeleech until 2 January.
Keep calm with the slider.

/ Staff

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