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Which Rainbow Six Siege operators are best?


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Update: We've added Maverick and Clash, and juggled a few other operators based on balancing tweaks and how they sit in the current meta. There is no true 'best' Rainbow Six Siege operator. Which character is best depends on the map, the objective location, your playstyle, and your opponent.


We can, however, outline recommendations for which operators we think are best for most players, in most situations. Rook has simple, essentially guaranteed utility. Thermite is useful on Consulate, and a bunch of other maps that require hard breaching. Here, then, are the operators we value most in the meta right now.

New operators

Rainbow Six Siege's final season of 2018 will take us to Morocco for Operation Wind Bastion, where we'll be introduced to two new operators from that nation's special operations unit: one attacker, one defender. We'll meet them, along with a new map, on November 18. Expect an update to this guide around then.

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