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Just Cause 4 patch aims to fix crashes and major performance problems - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Just Cause 4 patch aims to fix crashes and major performance problems


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Just Cause 4 is a fun playground for physics mayhem—but a slew of performance problems, including random crashes and texture pop-in, have left it with "mostly negative" user reviews on Steam. Yesterday, Avalanche Studios and Square Enix released a patch that aimed to fix the worst of the issues, and the companies are promising that more performance updates are on the way.

The patch, specific to the PC version, has "numerous stability fixes" to stop crashes, as well as updated texture mapping and improved asset rendering, which might stop the "ugly pop-in" that Robert experienced in his review.

The patch also widens control options by adding the ability to remap movement keys and increasing the range of mouse sensitivity. It aims to fix wonky keyboard controls while flying and prevent menu navigation problems for those playing with a mouse and keyboard.

"Please rest assured that this is just the start of the work we are carrying out," publisher Square Enix said in a Steam post. "We are prioritising as best we can, and we are already looking into working on further other fixes for patches updates that will come in the New Year." It also apologised for the technical issues and acknowledged that lots of players were experiencing them.

It promised to update players as soon as possible about progress with other bugs. Some of the reviews posted today still mention random crashes, so Avalanche may well have its work cut out. 

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