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HDStreet News - Contest results


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Google Translation:

The statistics of the first Fengyue contest have been published so far, and there are still 3 days to welcome everyone.

As of today's 17th, only 10 or more statistics are issued (including all, the game only counts the wind and moon)
The 20th competition is closed, welcome everyone to punch the list

Activity Award
First prize: 1 300,000 magic value, 30 invitations, can enter the old family (the number of seed is above 50, leaving the standard blank);
Second prize: 3 200,000 magic value, 20 invitations, one year VIP (the number of seeds is above 30, and the number is not up to the standard);
Third prize: 10 100,000 magic value, 10 invitations (the number of seeds is above 10, and the number is not up to the standard);
Participation Award: Each person who meets the standard can get a magic value reward of X10 times of their entry points (one, two, three, etc. are not obtained at the same time)
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