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What is the AV Open?

The AV Open is a major awards contest for the Japanese Adult Video (JAV) industry.

It began as a limited sales contest in 2006 to become, via its successor the AV GrandPrix, the major Japanese AV award with nearly 100 participating studios 2009. The AVGP awards was not extended beyond 2009 but after a hiatus of five years, the AV Open award competition was resurrected in its current format in 2014.

This year 69 Entries from the major JAV studios have been placed in the following categories

Actress | Planning | Mania-Fetish | Amateur | Hardcore | Married Woman-Milf | Maiden

All entries are released on the same day, February 1st. FANZA (formally named DMM) fan voting is conducted starting that day and continues till the end of March. The grand prix winner will be announced at the Japan Adult Expo (exact date TBA). A sales awards is also given to the highest selling entry.

Contest Format & Rules

Interested users can select a release from the entry list to upload in either SD or HD by leaving a reply with the box code in the contest thread (ex. AVOP-411). Uploads would happen all throughout February when the entries will be released. EMP Users will be able to vote on their favorite entries till the end of March. Once a user selects an entry they would like to upload, simply post a link in the contest thread once it has been uploaded. In addition, interested users who wish to upload entries anonymously can do so but will not be eligible for contest prizes. Those are marked in the entries list with asterisks (*). The links to all the uploaded entries will appear in this opening post. If possible, please add a link to the contest thread or this image with the link in your description.

For those interesting in uploading, please remember to include the tag with your other tags.

In addition, please consider using the preferred title method listed below:

Box-Code - English Title (From R18 [preferred] or Javlibrary) - Resolution

Ex. AVOP-411 - The Slut Wagon Is Cumming!! It's A Happening A Go Go!! Yuu Shinoda And Liz Take A Fun Trip Together - 1080p

If the video is not uploaded within a span of time (48 hours from selection) another user can upload it and post a link: they are automatically the entrant. Currently the max number of entries per user will be 6.

Check the requests link below to gain some Gigs.

AV Open 2018 Requests


Users will have the option to Sponsor a film for 1,000 credits. The sponsor would receive 10% of the prize pot if that film wins the grand prix with the uploader getting 90%. The Donation/Sponsor thread can be found here. Entries without sponsors (n/a) can be sponsored at anytime during the contest. Users can also make a donation to the prize fund if they wish. Send me a PM with your donation amount. If you would like to donate or sponsor a video check out the Donation Drive thread below

Thread: [Donation Drive] AV Open 2018 Contest


A pot of credits will be given to the user who uploads the Grand Prix winner is announced.
(a bonus prize may be given for the EMP user's choice (to be announced once contest thread opens).

Sponsored Entries8/69 - 8,000 credits) + 992,000 donated credits = Prize Pot

Current Prize Pot: 1,000,000 credits
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