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BTN 24 hours of 2x upload!

Guest lilac

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Guest lilac

An Update!

That Christmas stuff was still on the homepage.. Posted Image (It's ES' fault).

As we're sure you're all aware, we had an issue with one of our hosts over the past week or so. Some members were unable to log into BTN (you had to accept an invalid https cert or use http), whilst some had to endure a site missing a few images Posted Image

We're back 100% now and as a little gift to you, the members; 24 hours of 2x upload! Posted Image

We were also sad to hear that a long time TV Tracker community closed down in this past week. All TVTz members have been granted the opportunity to join us here at BTN.

If you have a friend that was a TVTz member and is interested in joining BTN, please direct them to our IRC network on irc.omgwtfhax.net and join #BTN-TvTz-Refuge.

And a belated Happy New Year to everyone! Let 2012 be the year we make the transition from being a good TV tracker, to a great one.

//BTN Staff
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