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Guest Ethan

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Guest Ethan

Hello fellow users of TTi.This week has been a very intense week in Staff and probably for you as a user as well. We have migrated into a new system and when we did this, we discovered that our server hadn't been configured correctly.

The site was down for 2 days but is now up and running again. The website is now working fine and is a lot faster. The problems didn't stop there however. Our backup was corrupt, resulting in a ~99% loss of the forum and a 100% loss of the torrents but please, don't fear. We will begin reconstruction a.s.a.p.

You're probably asking yourself right now, how we could make such a simple/stupid mistake? Well, everyone make mistakes, this was one of ours. We have now taken better precautions in order not to be in this mess again.

Besides giving you our sincere apologies for this,

LEECH 4 FREE has been activated until Sunday, (Feb 19).

So go ahead! Download everything you can, seed until you bleed.

We will grow into a strong community again. We hope these recent events haven't made you doubt TTi.

/ Staff

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