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New BCG Ranks


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The New Classes are entirely based on ratio (again) but I got impatient and just wanted something done quickly, They are going to change to incorporate more of the site/achievements in the future, but for now as long as we have something going, that is all that matters.

There are no extra perks for each class, well apart from your own forum section, but they have always been dead even when we had them on before.

Demotion on hit and runs are exactly the same criteria as User, IE: you dont get any more or less leeway.

All ratios are GLOBAL ratio, NOT Actual.

All promotions are 1 month member.

In order, lowest first.

Power User:


250 gig downloaded, min 1.2 ratio.


Hit and runs, dropping below 1.1 ratio

Super Power User:


500gb Downloaded min 1.5 ratio


Hit and Runs, dropping below a 1.3 ratio.



750GB Downloaded, 2.2 ratio


Hit and Runs, below 2.0 ratio

Super Elite:


1.5TB downloaded, 2.5 ratio


Hit and Runs, below 2.3 ratio.


You all have class forums and you can mod them as well, just dont be silly with it.

PU can mod the PU forums

SPU the SPU/PU forums

Elite the Elite/SPU/PU forums

Super Elite the Super Elite/Elite/SPU/PU forums

Uploader the Uploader/Super Elite/Elite/SPU/PU forums

VIP the Uploader/Super Elite/Elite/SPU/PU forums

More To Follow:

PU=14 torrent slots

SPU=16 torrent slots

Elite=18 torrent slots

Super Elite=20 torrent slots

Uploader=25 torrent slots

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