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Update May 26th, 2020: I'm realizing some people have older computers and even though HTTPS support has been out since before 2011 and is supported in Utorrent 2.2.1, some people still have issues.

I have decided to add an extra link to the Unsecure non-encrypted IPV6 supported announce url. Please don't use the link unless you're stuck on some old computer or something. The goal with torrenting these days should be more security not less.

Update May 23rd, 2020: It came to my attention that the "Quote" links on the details.php pages weren't working for Quoting comments made on torrents. The "Quote" links are now fixed, you can click and "Quote" what other people commented now. Also if there's other little bugs like this please let me know: Private Message Me

Update May 22nd, 2020: A new Freeleech event has started, all torrents 500 MB or more are free to download until May 25th, 2020. After that only torrents 5 GBs or more are free to download as usual. Click the FreeLeech link in the menu to see all FreeLeech torrents.

Update May 16th, 2020: I wrote an article to teach about port forwarding and UPnP (automated port forwarding controlled by your torrent program).

Important* Two different people behind two different routers can’t share with each other, if one of them doesn't use port forwarding. This is a router fact when it comes to torrenting. This also causes a lot of people to think a torrent doesn't work.

Please read more here: Understanding Port Forwarding and UPnP



This is a message to anyone using a VPN with the HTTPS tracker.

Is there any special settings that you use to make sure you're connectable and have a fast upload and download speed?

If you don't use a VPN with the tracker, just ignore this message. Thanks in advanced.

Best Regards,
BootyTape Webmaster

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