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Hugh Jackman Drags Young Kid Into Ryan Reynolds Feud With Deadpool-Wolverine Cake - Movie & TV News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Hugh Jackman Drags Young Kid Into Ryan Reynolds Feud With Deadpool-Wolverine Cake


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Hugh Jackman hilariously drags a young kid into his ongoing Ryan Reynolds feud with a Deadpool-Wolverine birthday cake. As joking celebrity feuds go, few have lasted longer or been more entertaining than the continuing prank battle between Wolverine star Jackman and Deadpool actor Reynolds.

Of course, Jackman and Reynolds’ history together began on the set of 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in which Jackman again played the titular Wolverine and Reynolds first portrayed Marvel character Deadpool (in famously awkward fashion). As Jackman explained in a recent interview, his contentious relationship with Reynolds actually began on that movie after he joked around with his co-star about Reynolds' then-wife Scarlett Johansson. Over the years, the feud has been kept alive as the two actors have mercilessly ribbed each other over social media, though recently they did call a temporary truce to help raise money for coronavirus pandemic relief.

But after briefly calling off their feud for the sake of a good cause, it seems Jackman and Reynolds are back at it again, with Jackman firing the latest volley via Instagram - and bringing the eight-year-old Sam into the battle besides. See Jackman’s latest humorous attack on Reynolds and Deadpool in the space below:

If Jackman and Reynolds have made one thing clear about their on-going feud, it’s that anything can be an excuse for an attack, including birthdays and anniversaries. Recently, Reynolds even made Jackman’s choice of lockdown attire an occasion for some online teasing. But perhaps the most memorable moment of the entire feud came back in 2018 when Jackman appeared in a video promoting Deadpool 2 in which he tried to wish Reynolds a happy birthday while Reynolds himself, dressed as Deadpool, continually interrupted him. And of course, Deadpool 2 itself featured a dig at Jackman, as the movie referenced Wolverine’s death in Logan with Deadpool declaring, “F**k Wolverine. Well guess what, Wolvy? I’m dying in this one too.”

All this feuding between Jackman and Reynolds has naturally led to Marvel fans calling for their characters Wolverine and Deadpool to meet up in a movie. But sadly, Jackman’s take on Wolverine appears to be retired forever after the events of Logan (though of course in the comic book movie world, no one’s ever really gone). Reynolds meanwhile seems in line for a third Deadpool movie somewhere down the road, though with Disney now in charge of the character, it seems unlikely fans will get the R-rated Deadpool they came to know and love in the first two movies.

So, an on-screen meeting between Wolverine and Deadpool seems a very remote possibility as of now. Thankfully, Jackman and Reynolds can carry on humorously feuding in real life as much as they want, giving fans something to chuckle about as they dream of a Wolverine vs. Deadpool movie.

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