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Dear Mates,

This is a special informative thread to the members who have or at the verge of a ratio of 0.5 or less.

We are going to make the whole site ratio-free for next 30 days, during which you are expected to rise your ratio above 0.5 & preferably 1 or more. We have explained how to do it in many of our previous alerts. Pasting them here FYR (Clickable links):

1) Ratio System Implemented
2) Guide for Low Ratio Users - Simplest Techniques of Boosting Your Ratio

From now, You will be kept track of how long you seed-back a torrent. This time we also consider this. You have to keep your downloaded stuff on in your torrent client (for seeding back without upload speed limits) for more than or equal to 15 days or 100 hours (accountable in total), irrespective of someone downloads it or not. If someone downloads it, your ratio improves otherwise you fulfill the criteria of keeping it on for the said amount of time.

As a last option, you can resort to Donations to the forum for Ratio raise.

These new rules come into effect immediately, so please be alert & careful; Never imagine to ignore this from us.

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