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All The Changes In Fortnite Season 3


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The third season of Fortnite is finally here, and it has brought a lot of changes to the game. As with any new season of Fortnite, the map has seen some drastic alterations, with the majority of the area being flooded following the end of season 2 event. The flood also brought a bunch of new POIs to Battle Island. There is a new cast of characters, including DC's Aquaman, who will all play a vital role in this season's story. Although the season has just begun, the end of season 2's event has already set the stage for what will take place in season 3.

There are also several small changes such as the addition of new weapons, the unvaulting of old weapons, and a new mode of transportation. New NPCs have also taken up residence on Battle Island replacing Team Ghost and Team Shadow, and there are many more additions to the game to look forward to as Fortnite season 3 progresses. The water will recede revealing new POI's and a variety of new vehicles.

With the severity of Fortnite's recent season-ending event, it's no surprise that Fortnite season 3 comes with a variety of changes. These changes include the new POI locations, season 3's new battle pass and storyline, new weapons and unvaulted weapons, and some perpetual shifts which Fortnite season 3 will see over time.

New Locations In Fortnite Season 3

As the waves crashed over the map of Fortnite season 2, they buried a lot of the old POIs with them. The inhabitants of Battle Island quickly rebuilt their civilization, however, forming four brand new POIs. Although there are only four new locations, almost every remaining location has been changed by the flood. There are still some season 2 POIs that have not been touched by Fortnite season 3's flood, but others have been completely destroyed.

The new POIs are The Fortilla, Rickety Rig, Catty Corner, and The Authority. The old POIs that have been changed by the flood are Salty Springs, Sweaty Sands, Pleasant Park, Frenzy Farm, and Steamy Stacks. There are a handful of POIs that have not seen any changes, those being Misty Meadows, Lazy Lake, Retail Row, and Holly Hedges. And all of the remaining POIs from season 2 have been removed with some having bit and pieces of their former selves poking above the water. The map will not stay flooded forever, however, as the water is planned to recede over time. This will bring back old POIs while also revealing new or possibly changed locations. Some of the areas floating on the water's surface will also change.

Fortnite Season 3'S Battle Pass And Story

Season 2 ended with Midas attempting to get rid of the storm, but when his machine ultimately failed Battle Island was flooded. Season 3 starts in this new flooded world with a far less sinister feel. While season 2 was all about spies and secret plans, season 3 feels a little more laid back. But the ending of season 2 also sets up a pretty intense storyline for season 2 that may dip into alternate realities or even simulations.

In Fortnite season 3 Team Ghost is no longer an organization, and Battle Island operates more on gang warfare than two organized teams. This is seen by certain battle pass characters wearing the remnants of Team Ghost henchmen, and Team Shadow taking up residence in The Authority (formerly known as The Agency). There are also roaming gangs made up of NPCs that will attack players on site. It's safe to say that Fortnite season 3 has left Battle Island in a state of anarchy. The season 3 battle pass also features a brand new cast of characters including the DC Comics superhero Aquaman. While the overall theme is "Big Splash" the battle pass feels a little random and offers a lot of variety among its unlockable characters.

New And Unvaulted Items In Fortnite Season 3

Fortnite season 3 introduces players to the new Charged Shotgun which is taking the place of the Pump Shotgun. The Charged Shotgun holds three rounds at a time and deals a considerable amount of damage from close range. Season 3 has also brought back Chug Splashes and the Chug Jug which are both healing items. As for returning weapons, season 3 has unvaulted Fortnite's Hunting Rifle, Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, and Purple/Gold SMGs.

A new mode of transportation has been added to Fortnite in the form a shark. Fortnite's sharks are hostile creatures that attack players in water and on land, but they can also be ridden by casting a fishing rod towards them. This is one of many new vehicles coming in season 3. When the water recedes players will have access to different cars and trucks that they can drive around the map. There are also whirlpools that appear in the water that players can jump into. These whirlpools will send the player into the air allowing them to redeploy their glider.

There are also new Mythic Weapons that can be found by eliminating mythic bosses. Kit's Shockwave Launcher, which is a fancy grenade launcher, can be equipped after defeating Kit, and he will also drop his mythic Charged Shotgun. Ocean is another miniboss in Fortnite that will drop her Burst Assault Rifle once eliminated.

Customizable Glider In Fortnite Season 3

Similar to Mara in season 2, an agent that players could customize and play as, there is now an option to customize a glider/umbrella. Players will need to level up over the season in order to unlock different parts of the umbrella. This umbrella can then be used in-game when dropping from the battle bus or when redeploying. Players will only have the duration of season 3 to customize their gliders. Once season 3 ends, the changes made to the glider will be locked in forever.

There are a lot of changes in Fortnite season 3, and as the season progresses there will be a lot more. As every season of Fortnite goes, items will be cycled in and out of the game, new vehicles and POIs will become available, and the story will slowly start to unfold. With the number of changes from season 2 to season 3, Fortnite has already shown a strong start to the new season.


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