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HDME Invite/Application Process


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IF you did not already know when you receive an invite to HDME you have to fill out an application form and pass before you will be enabled and able to be active onsite .

If you have already got an acc or have had one before and got banned dont even bother trying to make another .


1. All new accounts are disabled by default.

2 the new user needs to follow the simple instructions and fill out the application at http://hdme.eu/questionaire.php , applications will be DENIED if not filled out in full or correctly.

3. once submitted a staff member will review the application.

NOTE: at this stage the applicant can simply wait until they receive their notification email or they can hop on the IRC invite channel #hdme-invite to get RT (Real Time) feedback

4. once the application form is properly reviewed and checked if everything is correct and as required the staff member will approve/deny as he/she sees appropriate, an email notification will be sent to the applicant with details if their application have been Denied or Approved (Staff do not need to explain their self's why the application was denied)

7. With approved applications the new user is automatically enabled and free to enjoy all that is HDME

8. there is a maximum of 3 applications before the user and their IP is permanently banned

Most not all of the answers are in the Rules or Faq .

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Guest Evilblade

This is the application :

Posted Image Originally Posted by HDME application
#01: Provide as many screenshot of other trackers (2 Atleast!!!) you're on, you must show (Website Name, User Name, Upload/Download/Ratio, Email and IP) & Current Speed Test, otherwise your application will not be accepted (provide links to images, separated by colon).

#02: You have to understand that you will need to seed to 1:1 or 36hrs in every single torrent, even Non-Complete & Freeleech, can you meet those requirements? if not... please provide us with genuine reasons, put in mind your reason will need to be strong, otherwise your application will FAIL!.

#03: What are the difference between BDrips and BRrips, and which off those two is not allowed in our site?

#04: What is R5 and reasons why they're not always welcome in many sites including HDME?

#05: Where/How did you hear about us (Must Answer)? and why did you decide to join us (optional)?

#06: Any plans of you uploading content to our site? (put in mind, we only allow HD content)

#07: What are the rules for dupe account in HDME?

#08: Are you sharing IP's with a roommate or sharing a seedbox? Which of the two is accepted in HDME?

#09: What's your favorite Movie(s) of all time?

#10: What is the difference between AC3 & DTS, and which you personaly prefer?

#11: which of these formats are not allowed on HDME - (mkv, avi, vob, mp4, m2ts, avchd, ogm).

#12. Why do you think you will make a good member of our community?

#13. Can you read? Assuming that is a Yes, Read our Rules & FAQ. once you get your invite!!!
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