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Bibliotikk is back


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Bibliotik will be back online on Wednesday

After a long downtime, we're finally ready to come back online. We should be ready to go on Wednesday.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Real life has been quite busy and it's hard to concentrate on hobbies when other things are on your mind.

If you emailed us and haven't received a reply, our apologies. We'll reply via PM on the website, when we are back online

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Bibliotik is back online

Bibliotik est mort; vive la Bibliotik - Posted 1 hour, 50 minutes ago

Welcome back! We've been offline for quite some time, and we're sorry for that. But we're back to almost normal... you should be able to seed old torrents, add new torrents, and use other features (like requests, forums, etc.) as usual. Some features may still be broken, so please report them in the forums and we'll take care of them. Invite registrations are temporarily disabled for a few days, until we're comfortable that all site features are working to spec.

We’ve made some improvements that should enhance the stability and performance of the website. And we have some near-term planned updates to that site, including:

• A kinder, gentler staff presence

• Updated rules, accommodating for how the community has evolved over the past year

• Updated user classes, more accurately reflecting the perks available at each class level

• An official trump chart, showing the hierarchy of allowed ebook formats and what can be trumped

• A new default stylesheet option, alongside the original (current) stylesheet

• Streamlined HTML code site-wide, allowing for easier stylesheet creation

• An official roadmap, listing additional planned improvements along a projected timeline

Thanks for your patience, and don’t hesitate to post on the forums if you have trouble with the new site. If you have a private concern, feel free to PM a staff member. Here’s to the revival of Bibliotik!

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