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Twelve Minutes Is An Indie Game With A Star-Studded Cast

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Annapurna Interactive has revealed a truly star-studded voice cast for its upcoming thriller game 12 Minutes. The studio's connection to stars like these shouldn't be too surprising, since Annapurna Interactive is a division of film company Annapurna Pictures, which has been responsible for some particularly successful films including Her and American Hustle. Annapurna Interactive has clearly inherited some production chops from its parent company, as it's created several acclaimed video game, including Gone Home and Outer Wilds.

12 Minutes has been in production for a long time; an early build was shown at PAX East all the way back in 2015. The game as most people know it today was announced at E3 2019, and is slated to release by the end of this year. In 12 Minutes, players are cast as a man caught in a twelve minute long time loop, who must save his wife from an intruder who seeks to kill her. It uses an overhead camera and traps players in the intimate setting of a small apartment. Despite taking place over a 12-minute timespan, 12 Minutes is expected to take around six to eight hours to complete.

During Opening Night Live at Gamescom 2020, Annapurna revealed some exciting new info about 12 Minutes. A brief trailer from Annapurna revealed the voice actors who will be lending their talents to the game, and it's a very impressive list. The player character will be voiced by James McAvoy, known for his recent appearance in It Chapter 2 and as the young Charles Xavier in the X-Men series. His wife is portrayed by Daisy Ridley, well known for playing Rey in the recent Star Wars trilogy, and the murderous intruder is voiced by Willem Dafoe from The Lighthouse, At Eternity's Gate, and The Florida Project. Superhero fans will also recognize him for his role as the Green Goblin in 2002's Spider-Man.


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