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A Teacher Trailer: Kate Mara Is in Love With Her Student In FX Miniseries

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FX has premiered the trailer for their newest FX on Hulu series A Teacher starring Kate Mara and Nick Robinson. The 10-episode limited drama series is the latest in a string of high profile series to come to the streaming platform amidst Hulu's partnership with the television network. The series is based on Hannah Fidell's 2013 film of the same name about an illicit affair between a teacher and her student that turns from romance to obsession. Fidell will also be directing and executive producing the series for Hulu.

The trailer from FX gives viewers a peak into the affair between Mara's Claire, a high school teacher, and her student, Robinson's Eric. Initially, the couple is shown in the throes of love, but the trailer quickly devolves into a preview of the chaos their relationship will cause. Claire's husband wants to start a family with her, but she seems torn between the life she could live with him and her affection for her student.


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