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Mortal Trailer: Nat Wolff Stars In Norse Mythology Superhero Origin Story

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Nat Wolff stars in the first trailer for Mortal, a superhero origin tale with a twist, set in Norway and featuring connections to Norse mythology. The film is directed by Andre Overdal, the Norwegian director of Trollhunter and the hit 2019 adaptation of the children's book series Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark. Wolff is best known for starring with his brother Alex in the Nickelodeon series The Naked Brothers Band, going on to perform music as a duo called Nat and Alex Wolff.

He also appeared in Netflix's much-maligned adaptation of The Death Note and played a soldier in 2019's The Kill Team, based on the 2013 documentary about criminal soldiers operating during the war in Afghanistan. Overdal, on the other hand, hit the big time with Trollhunters, making the cult hit mockumentary for just $1 million and marking himself out as a directing talent to watch in the process. That film, too, combined contemporary ideas with elements of Norwegian myth by placing Trolls in a modern context. It's an idea that Overdal has mined again for Mortal, which was released in Europe earlier this year.

Now, Saban Films releases the latest trailer for the U.S. release of the movie has been revealed, showing Wolff's commanding performance as Eric, a young man who is unable to control the mysterious powers he has. The trailer focuses on Wolff's hero being chased down by the police in Norway, after an opening encounter with some teenagers seems to go wrong for them. You can watch the trailer below:
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