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Valkyrae is Now Fastest-Growing Streamer in the World

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Among Us is one of the quickest-growing games in terms of popularity in recent months, and its viral nature is boosting the growth of a particular Twitch streamer. Rachell Hofstetter, who goes by the handle Valkyrae online, has capitalized on the social deduction game to become the fastest-growing and one of the most popular streamers worldwide.

Social distancing and quarantining has kept many people inside, and video game sales and playing numbers have risen as a result. As such, social games like Among Us are more popular than ever because they provide a way for people to chat with friends or strangers while having fun with the game. And while some people prefer to play Among Us, others also enjoy watching streams of other groups of friends trying to find the bean-shaped imposter in their group.

Tons of popular creators have played into the Among Us hype to cater to their audiences, and Valkyrae is dominating that popularity with her Among Us streams. She's a member of 100 Thieves and was already fairly popular before the indie party game started trending so highly in popularity, but has risen incredibly high and fast after cashing in on the Among Us craze.

Valkyrae recently shared a tweet that shows just how popular she's become, and the numbers are pretty crazy: she had about 330,000 monthly live views at the beginning of the year, and that number rose to over 11 million in September and October. Her peak live viewer count also hopped from about 3,000 to almost 67,000. While these numbers aren't as high as uber-popular streamers like Shroud, what's important to note here is how quickly those numbers climbed.

The streamer started streaming on YouTube not too long ago, which prompted the company's Head of Gaming, Ryan Wyatt, to declare Valkyrae to be the "fastest growing live streamer in the world." This is a statistic Wyatt would be all too familiar with, given that much of his job revolves around tracking and analyzing gaming streamers' numbers and success. Wyatt also claims Valkyrae is the most successful female streamer currently operating.

Among Us has contributed to the popularity of similar games like Unfortunate Spacemen and Enemy on Board, so it looks like the trapped-astronauts-finding-a-murderer craze isn't ending any time soon. That's good news for streamers like Valkyrae who are racking in major viewer counts by playing a relatively simple game, and good news too for the millions of people who enjoy watching these streams.

Among Us is out now on PC and mobile devices.
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