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Awesome's first Podcast

Guest Evilblade

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Guest Evilblade

Hello AHD members. This is our first Podcast Blog. Dave & I decided to do a podcast as some of our past blog posts require a lot of time to write and research. It's much faster to talk. Plus with the tl;dr crowd, we figured podcasts would be a good balance for all. We hope you'll enjoy listening to us speak in tongues (at times) and talk about what's on our minds. This first recording has a few rough spots, especially near the end. Recording via Skype is a pain sometimes, hopefully we'll be able to produce a smoother recording where I won't be interrupting my co-host as much (sorry Dave) or where our voices clash as one. If you have suggestions for improvements in that area, let us know.

Volume One is only 23mins long, if you can endure the sound of us talking for that long, the link is here: AHD-Podcast Vol.1 with Dave & Purgatory

Naturally The Avengers dominated the talk but we managed to get a few other things in there.

I've linked a few interesting sites/articles below, we like the non-mainstream news sites, perhaps these are new to some. Tell us what you think in the thread and what you want us to talk about with Vol. 2 (ETA 5 days). Any ideas and such, we're all ears.Posted Image

That's it for know, looking forward to your comments on the podcast, good or bad, bring it on!

Enjoy the show.

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