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Hosting Problems - STG

Guest Evilblade

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Guest Evilblade

Dear Mammoth users

As you will all know the mammoth server has not performed as it should due to bandwidth issues with ovh, and we have spent the last few days hoping they would be able to find the problem and fix it.

Unfortunately this has not been straightforward and things have now reached the stage where we have to let their technicians onto the server to establish whether the fault is with the server itself or with their switch. When they do this they will have access to the data that is on the server which might make them wonder what the server is actually being used for.

All this is taking far too long for our liking, and most likely yours too, and so we propose to refund every mammoth user in full, wipe the server and get it sorted.

We appreciate that some of you need seedboxes but without the mammoth server we can’t accommodate all of you at this time, and by refunding you we hope to buy some breathing space so that we can work on a stress free resolution to the mammoth server without worrying that we are not providing the service that we promised you.

Once formatted we plan to let the ovh guys onto the server and hopefully prove that they are at fault and not us, and then when the problems are resolved we intend to mail you all again and offer every one of you a minimum of a 10 day free trial of our services again. We hope this trial will demonstrate that we can to provide the kind of service you expect and that we will win some of you back. Towards the end of your 10 day trial simply choose to purchase more days via your client portal and stay with us, or just let it expire.

We apologise deeply for this entire unfortunate episode, and are ourselves extremely frustrated that we have been unable to provide the level of service that we wanted to and advertised, and we sincerely hope you will appreciate that up until now it has been completely out of our control.

If you would like to take up us on the offer of a full refund, please raise a support ticket (must be a support ticket via your client panel so your email address is logged) with the transaction ID of your PayPal payment and we will get them all issued within 12 hours of receipt. The server will be wiped on Sunday evening at 6.00pm GMT after which point it will become unconnectable to its users so we recommend you remove any data you wish before then.

We thank all of you for your continued patience and hope to see you on the other side, and hope you will consider trying us out again when your free trials come through.

Many thanks

STG Admin

Steve, Baz & Deg

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