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Anrich Nortje bowled the fastest ball of the IPL which clocked 156.22 kph

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Delhi Capitals pacer Anrich Nortje has been pushing the envelope every game and on Wednesday (October 14) against the Rajasthan Royals, he turned up with the fastest ever delivery bowled in the Indian Premier League. It was clocked at 156.22 kph.

"I heard about it afterwards. I did not know about it at the time," Anrich told Shikhar Dhawan in a video posted by IPLT20.com. " I have been working really hard getting my pace right up there. Been working on my braced leg and my front arm.. simple stuff. Need the attitude to get some pace behind it but still need to get it in the right area."

It's another matter altogether that Jos Buttler scooped the fastest delivery in IPL through fine leg for a boundary, doing that to Nortje for a second time in the over before being bowled off the next delivery.

"Yeah, the battle against Buttler was interesting. I know he plays the scoop shots, but when he played the first one, it took me by surprise," Nortje said. "I did not think he would do it again, but he played the shot once again on the next delivery. He played really well, but I stuck to my strength, obviously we saw how the wicket was playing so I was trying to use the wicket and get some variation."

Nortje has bowled the five fastest deliveries in IPL 2020 and Kagiso Rabada, Nortje's bowling partner at DC, said he wasn't surprised by the record of the fellow South African.

"It looks like that every game. Really happy for him but not happy for the batter," Rabada said of Nortje's record. "When we play we only think about the delivery and not about the speed gun. We learn a lot from each other. He is a real fast bowler and I can learn some technical stuff from him. I have some experience which I can tell him about. It is good to chat."
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