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PS5 Launch Trailer Is All About the Games

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A launch trailer has been revealed for the PlayStation 5, featuring many of the consoles up and coming new game releases. With only a mere matter of days before the PlayStation 5 is released to the public, the latest trailer from Sony shows players what they could be playing on launch day.

Sony has managed to score a range of exclusives for the PlayStation 5, something that is noticeably lacking from the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S. From the family friendly Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart to the dark and foreboding Demon’s Souls, the release of the PlayStation 5 looks like it's trying to appeal to every generation of gamer. While not all of the exclusives will be available at the launch of the PS5, with Horizon Forbidden West not expected to be available until the latter half of next year, this has not dampened the excitement and enthusiasm of PlayStation’s fanbase. Sales of Sony’s next-gen gaming console sold more units through pre-orders than the PlayStation 4 sold within it’s first 12 weeks.

Now, with only three days until the dawn of the PlayStation 5, Sony has treated fans to yet another trailer, showing off the beauty of its next-gen games. Featuring the vocal stylings once more of Travis Scott, this latest release trailer puts a spotlight on the various virtual worlds that will become available to owners of the PS5. Aloy can be seen diving deep into the azure blue waters of the Forbidden West, Miles Morales confidently flies through the streets of New York City and savage demons flex their claws in the cursed Boletaria.
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