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2020 Trailer Mashup Only Includes Movies That Actually Released This Year

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A 2020 trailer mashup only highlights the movies that actually came out this year. It would be an understatement to call 2020 an unprecedented year for the film industry. A couple of big movies, like Birds of Prey, released successfully in early 2020. However, by March, virtually every film on the theatrical release schedule had been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, with countless movies delayed. A few months ago, Christopher Nolan's Tenet served as a guinea pig of sorts for the industry, though it quickly became clear film enthusiasts weren't ready to return to theaters.

This means many of the movies that released in 2020 did so on streaming, at least in the United States. Hamilton debuted on Disney+ over the summer, as will Soul later this month. Warner Bros. also made the surprising decision to release its upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max the same day as in theaters, a strategy that will continue with all of its 2021 movies. All told, it was an oftentimes shocking year for the film industry and significantly lighter on not only theatrical releases, but new movies in general.

Sleepy Skunk's annual trailer mashup reflects this, only including films that actually released this year or are going to in the next few days. It serves as a reminder of the quality movies that did in fact come out in 2020, including Emma, Mank, and Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, alongside dozens of others. Check out the mashup video below:
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For many, 2020 was a hard year to be a movie fan. However, the trailer mashup showcases many exciting films, proving it was far from all bad. If anything, the lack of blockbuster releases allowed smaller movies to pack a bigger punch, which could lead to an increased interest in those sorts of projects going forward. Though the events of this year have worrying implications for the movie industry at large, that would be one positive side effect. In recent years, indie films in particular have struggled to break through due to the increased focus on franchises, but that could change going forward.

Hopefully, this mashup video encourages some to check out the 2020 movies they may have missed. As it's unknown at this time when and if studios will resume a semi-normal theatrical release schedule, audiences will likely be focused on at-home viewing in the near future. As the video shows, many movies that released in 2020 are well worth attention, providing a necessary escape from a challenging year.

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