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Xbox Series X/S Restocked At Best Buy (& PS5 Has Already Sold Out)

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The Xbox Series X/S has been restocked by Best Buy just days before the holiday season begins in earnest, and fans have been quick to notice - though Sony fans will be unhappy to hear that the PS5 restock that occurred simultaneously has already sold out. Xbox Series X/S remains a hot-ticket item in its own right despite the fact that PS5 sales have been extremely impressive whenever the console is made available, and Microsoft's current-gen offering has been difficult to keep in stock as a result.

Xbox Series X/S and PS5 restocks have been a frequent discussion among consumers recently, as the pre-order periods for both console brands ended in disappointment for millions who still want to purchase a current-gen device. Each restock is met by the same story, of course - fans scramble to find the website that's stocked the consoles online, the pages crash within minutes, and by the end of it, there are very few who were able to snag a console. Xbox Series X/S and PS5 scalpers have also compounded the issue, making it much worse than it needed to be, though brands like Walmart have fought PS5 bot purchases successfully in recent restock waves.

The Xbox Series X/S restock at Best Buy is live on the site right now, though it's likely to be sold out shortly. The restock occurred simultaneously with PS5 units, which are already unavailable. Fans looking to purchase a current-gen console without having to pay an exorbitant markup price from resellers look to have at least one more chance before Christmas rolls around to do so.

With that being said, however, it seems at least somewhat likely that there will be opportunities before 2021 arrives for those who miss out on this Best Buy restock. Companies have been slowly adding online listings for both Xbox Series X/S and PS5, sometimes entirely unannounced, and as more retail chains desperately try to stock consoles there's bound to be a few that turn up before the second wave of major restocks arrives. That's certainly no guarantee it will happen before 2021, but it's a situation that has played out in a way that will have keen-eyed consumers checking store listings frequently as 2020 comes to a merciful close soon.

Xbox Series X/S restocks continue to be high-profile events, and hopefully fans who wanted to grab the console but missed their earlier opportunities have managed to acquire one now. As long as the Xbox units aren't falling into the greedy hands of scalpers, however, it feels like a win for everyone who is excited for current-gen gaming and the possibilities that exist just on the horizon for the gaming industry as a whole.
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