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6 Some Battles Are Won With Swords And Spears, Others With Quills And Ravens

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Diplomacy was a central part of the Westerosi game. Tywin, Olenna, Tyrion, Varys, and Littlefinger knew this better than anyone. They knew that, sometimes, one can harm more with a few well-chosen words, than with a thousand sharp swords.

Although this quote never made it to the show, it's still an incredible piece of advice that Tywin offers Tyrion during the third book of the series, A Storm of Swords. Violence can only get one so far, and if Game of Thrones taught audiences anything, is to never underestimate the importance of a piece of paper.

5 I Try To Know As Many People As I Can. You Never Know Which One You'll Need

Networking is important, even Tyrion Lannister knows it. In the second episode of season 3, Tyrion, while speaking to Shay, utters this quote that's as funny as it is accurate.

Some might say it's using people, but it doesn't have to be like that. Human relationships are valuable, not only for what you can get from them. Still, it's important to have a wide network of contacts, especially in the business world. Opportunities are sometimes where one least expects them.

4 A Wise King Knows What He Knows And What He Doesn't

Accepting one's limitations is a strength in and of itself and it's something every good leader knows. Tywin gives this recommendation to his grandson, Tommen, after Joffrey's death. A wise King must always listen to his advisors, especially if he wants to become a great King.

Sure, Tywin is manipulating Tommen, but that doesn't mean there's no truth to his words. Although everyone has shortcomings, this doesn't mean they are any less important or qualified. But admitting to their faults will help prepare for any potential threats that might derive from them. And who knows, maybe they can even be eradicated.

3 The More You Own, The More It Weighs You Down

During the episode "The Spoils of War," Jaime tells this bit of financial advice to Bronn after the latter asks the former for Highgarden. Jaime tells his sparring partner that such a castle would only ruin him, as Daenerys can come at any moment and take it by force, just like they just did.

Money is a fleeting thing, especially if one doesn't have a healthy financial education. Bronn doesn't, and Jaime, being a Lannister, knows a thing or two about debt and costly castles. Money can mean great privilege, but it can also mean trouble if not administered correctly. And Jaime's advice is one everyone should heed.

2 The Occasional Kindness Will Spare You All Sorts Of Trouble Down The Road

Cersei loved her children, but it's safe to say she was a pretty horrible mother. She indulged them, especially Joffrey, who she raised to believe rules didn't apply to him. During the season one episode "Lord Snow," Cersei tells Joffrey he needs to marry Sansa and advises him to do something nice for her as it would make things easier in the long run.

As far as marriage advice goes, it's not the worst. It can also be applied outside of matrimony, because, as the saying goes, one can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Politeness and kindness will always be better than cruelty and hostility.

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1 Never Forget What You Are. The Rest Of The World Will Not. Wear It Like An Armor, And It Can Never Be Used To Hurt You

Spoken during the very first episode of the show, Tyrion shares this incredible piece of advice with Jon Snow. It is true that the world will seek to exploit what weaknesses and vulnerabilities they find, and someone like Tyrion knows that better than anyone. Yet, if one comes to terms and embraces the things that make one different, then it cannot be used by others as weapons.

It's a valuable lesson, one most can apply to. Everybody has flaws, after all. The important thing to remember is that flaws provide uniqueness and experience. Accepting them as a natural part of life will make things easier, even if it's one of the hardest things to do.

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