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Target PS5 Restock Coming Soon, According To Report

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Target might be getting a new shipment of PlayStation 5 consoles in the coming week, at least according to a new report. Due to several different factors like high consumer demand and internet scalpers snatching up units with bots as soon as they are made available online, stores have been struggling to keep the new generation of consoles in stock over the past two months as players remain eager to jump into the latest generation of gaming.

Indeed, outlets like GameStop and Walmart have seen their websites crash due to the sheer traffic of customers looking to pick up the PS5 and Xbox Series X during the sparse windows of opportunity that have come up since both highly anticipated systems were finally released in November. Some fans have even taken measures as drastic as bringing their beds so they can camp out while they wait for the next console shipment to arrive. However, while a good many players have been able to grab a new system in the past few weeks, several are still waiting hopefully for their nearest retailer to acquire a new batch of current-gen consoles. Luckily, at least for Sony fans, that wait may be over sooner than they think.

In a report by Spieltimes.com earlier today, Target is supposedly receiving a shipment of PS5s sometime this weekend, with the units set to be released online (with in-store pickup or drive-up) early Monday morning. There aren't any specific times confirmed so far for this most recent sale, but Target's past shipments have arrived at about 3 AM to 7 AM Eastern, with 5 AM to 7 AM being the prime window for customers to buy one. However, they will only be available in certain stores and in limited quantities of about 10 to 15 units per location, so players still hoping to get their hands on the shiny new PlayStation console this year will have to hurry if they wish to get one during this latest shipment.

Target isn’t the only retailer to land a surprise shipment of PS5s in time for the holidays. Last week, Wal-Mart received yet another limited quantity of the console, with the major retail chain actually working to stop scalpers from making off with the majority of them this time. Meanwhile, Best Buy put out another surprise batch of PS5s earlier this week, although they were still sold out mere moments after they were made available.

Target has yet to officially announce any new PS5 shipments for this upcoming week, but fans still hoping to get their hands on Sony's new console before the New Year will surely appreciate the chance should it be proven to be true. If it is, players will have to remain vigilant in the early hours this upcoming Monday, when the latest batch of PlayStation 5 systems is set to appear on Target’s online retail site.
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