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PS5 Game Project Athia Slated For January 2022 Release

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At the opening of this year's all-digital Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony unveiled a few new dates that lay out the future of PlayStation 5 game releases, including the highly anticipated Project Athia from Square Enix. Unlike the so-far murky schedule for major first-party Xbox releases, Sony seems to have its ducks in a row when it comes to its in-house and third-party console exclusives. PS5 owners are looking forward to big sequels to God of War, Ratchet and Clank, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Signs point to all those games making their debut in 2021, alongside major releases like Hitman 3 in a matter of weeks and Returnal this March.

Players don't have to wait either, as Sony provided a healthy launch lineup of games alongside the PS5. From Spider-Man: Miles Morales to the impressive Demon’s Souls remake and beyond, there's already plenty to do on Sony's new console. For some, the only issue is that most of these games also released on the PlayStation 4, which means they're not taking full advantage of the new hardware. Whether or not that is truly a sensible argument is beside the point that many feel that they're still waiting for the next generation to begin.

At CES 2021, Sony presented a sizzle reel of highlights ofthe PlayStation 5's release schedule. The tail-end of this video labeled the release dates for many of these games, including some that had only been teased in the past. One of the most notable is Project Athia, which is set to release one year from now in January 2022. Developed by an internal Square Enix team that splintered off of Final Fantasy XV's development, Project Athia is described as an open-world fantasy action-adventure featuring a female protagonist exploring a world that isn't her own. The trailer announcing the game debuted at the PS5 reveal in place of an expected Final Fantasy XVI unveiling, but it seems that both games are in the pipeline as of now.
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