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The Medium, Yakuza 3-5 & More Coming To Xbox Game Pass January 2021

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January is going to be a huge month for Xbox Game Pass, as some massive titles are coming to the service, including The Medium and the Yakuza Remastered Collection. Xbox Game Pass has been on fire since the launch of the Xbox Series X/S, with Microsof having even added EA Play's library to the service in November 2020.

The Xbox Series X/S didn't have any exclusives at launch, but it didn't matter, as a Game Pass subscription offers an incredible amount of content for a single fee. The PlayStation Plus Collection on PS5 did little to take the spotlight away from Game Pass, as the ever-swelling library on PC and the new Xbox hardware is hard to contend with.

Microsoft has outlined all of the new titles that will be added to Xbox Game Pass in January. The Medium is the biggest name of the bunch, as it's the first Xbox Series X/S exclusive. The Medium is a horror game that is set across two realities at the same time, which requires the power of the new Xbox hardware (or PC of similar strength) to function. The Medium will arrive on Xbox Game Pass on January 28. A ton of content will be arriving in a single package, as Yakuza Remastered will be arriving on all versions of Game Pass on January 28. Yakuza Remastered Collection contains upgraded versions of Yakuza 3-5. This means that almost every single Yakuza game will be available on Game Pass, with Yakuza 6 Remastered arriving in March.

The other games coming to Game Pass this month include the PC version of Control, which is due to arrive on January 21. It's already available on the console version of the service. Cyber Shadow is an upcoming side-scrolling action game that is being published by the same company behind Shovel Knight. Cyber Shadow will be arriving on all versions of Xbox Game Pass on January 26. Desperados 3 is the highly-acclaimed stealth/tactical RPG set in the old west, which is due to arrive on all versions of Game Pass on January 21. Donut County is a bizarre indie puzzle game, where the player takes on the role of an ever-growing hole. Donut County will also be added to all versions of Game Pass on January 21. Lastly, there is Outer Wilds, which is a unique action-adventure game about being trapped in the same 22-minute time-loop. Outer Wilds is exclusive to the cloud version of Game Pass for mobile phones, and it will be added on January 21.

Xbox Game Pass has a stacked month, thanks to the first Xbox Series X/S major exclusive, and a number of other incredible games. It's hard to deny that Game Pass is the best deal in gaming, and it just keeps getting better every month.

Control, Desperados 3, Donut County, Outer Wilds, Cyber Shadow, The Medium, and Yakuza Remastered Collection are coming to Xbox Game Pass in January.
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