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Plex Arcade Streams Classic Atari Games Right To Your TV

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Plex, the media streaming service best known for being Netflix for personal video collections, is teaming with Atari to expand into the cloud streaming market. Although it's brand new, the cloud gaming sector has taken off in recent years, with Google and Amazon entering the industry via the technology. Established platform holders Microsoft and Sony also have their own services of varying size, with Game Pass Ultimate's cloud gaming options holding a lot of promise for those already plugged into console gaming.

It's unlikely that the newly revealed Plex Arcade will be a real contender in the cloud gaming marketplace, but it is an option for retro-minded gamers looking for a way to bring their collection on the go. Much like Plex's movie and TV streaming options, gamers can play either a bundle of Atari games or their own games provided they have the ROMs handy. However, unlike its other options, Plex Arcade is providing this service for a small monthly fee, either as a $3 add-on for the already existing Plex Pass service or a $5 monthly fee all on its own.
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