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YouTube Adding Twitch-like For Content Creators

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YouTube has announced a new feature that enables users to create and share clips from videos, in a similar move to Twitch clips. The feature has received a high volume of requests from users who are eager to add more variety to their gaming streams. Twitch has offered users a clips feature for several years now. It is typically used by streamers to highlight an exciting moment or to offer a preview of what their channel is all about.

It is all part of a long-term strategy for YouTube to become a premier destination for all types of content: streaming, music and gaming. YouTube has recently rolled out its own Progressive Web App (PWA), a design that enables users to tap into the website's innovative features. The PWA can even be installed on a separate device for additional use. Ever since Google bought the video-sharing platform in 2006, there have been numerous attempts to redefine the capabilities of the hugely popular site. YouTube has since become a popular destination for gamers to post live streams, attempting to compete with Twitch. YouTube has even pried streamers from Twitch with exclusive contracts. Despite boasting over 50 million daily users compared to Twitch with 15 million, YouTube still falls behind when it comes to live streaming video games.

According to Google, YouTube is planning to test its own version of clips through a small number of creators. Some gaming channels form a small list of creators who have access to the brand-new feature. The tool is now available on desktop and Android. There are future plans for it to be iOS compatible as well. Channels that are participating in the initial test will have a clip icon below their videos, located near the thumbs up/down and share icons. Users now have the opportunity to create a clip that lasts anywhere from 5 seconds to a full minute, create a personalized title and share it. Interestingly, the process actually does not involve creating a new video in order to produce a clip. In its place, users can expect to find a looping segment related to the original content that can then be shared. Users can clip live streams but must wait until after the stream to do so. The feature will not be available to videos that are created for children or live streams that last longer than 8 hours. It is also worth noting that clips will disappear if the original video is either deleted or made private.

Twitch does not show any signs of slowing down either. The streaming platform continues to smash records in terms of hours watched, hours streamed and viewership. If YouTube hopes to mount a serious challenge to Twitch, it must do more to focus on the site's interface. More should be done to make streams easier to locate. This would undoubtedly help with that initiative. YouTube is not a dedicated video game streaming like Twitch and this is a major factor as well.

The fact that the brand-new clips feature is being introduced to YouTube is a testament to how vocal users and content creators have been in throwing their support behind the move. It may prove to be a strategic decision in the near future. It is no secret YouTube wants to challenge Twitch's dominance in the streaming genre. If the clipping feature goes down well with users and receives positive feedback, it may end up becoming an invaluable asset.
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