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Who is the most evil person in all of the Star Wars lore?

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Who is the most evil person in all of the Star Wars lore?

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Right and Bad, Evil and Good - these are just perspectives.  Nothing more.

Not a specific person, but The Jedi, in my honest opinion.  The narrative of the movie portrays them as the heroes but if you really sit down and look at the facts, you may come to a different conclusion.  Since history is told by the victors.  This is not to say Sith are innocent.  

Theres  a quote:  "Hunter will cease to be heroes when lions have historians"  It means that the history and perspective of the lions side will never be shown and the perspective of the hunter will only be shown.  

This means that the hunter tells his story of how a dangerous animal, like the lion needed to be hunted. He is a dangerous creature, bent to kill. He needs to be eliminated and shows the heroic adventure of the hunter, out smarting the lion, capturing him, trapping him and maybe even using dogs to track it and scare it and the hunter being a good kind person, humanely euthanizes him or puts him into a cage (zoo).  But if the lion had historians, he could tell his side of the story. The lion was minding his own business, being a lion. Having a family and taking care of them, while one day an evil hunter came to poach his land and kill and trap him. He could say that the hunter was sneaky and trapped him with crude sharp instruments, used ferocious animals to track him and his family down while it was his territory that his family has lived for generations on and the hunter came to poach his land and make him the evil one and commit genocide against his kind.


Star Wars is a story of an orphaned boy, who becomes radicalized after a military strike kills his family. He is indoctrinated into an ancient religion, joins a band of rebel insurgents and carries out a terrorist attack killing 300k people.


Same goes for this story.  The Jedi kidnap kids, then trains them into an army of child soldiers. A parent that has their children adept or with "the force" would have to hide their children least a jedi is going to come for your children.  Qui-Gon said to Anakin's mom that had her child been born in the Republic, they would have taken him from her arms and thrown into Jedi training. 

Jedi are liars. Luke confronts Obi wan about his father. He didnt even talk about the saber that Luke had. The saber was from his dad right after Obi wan cut him up and left him to burn and die. Obi double downs on his lies and tells him¬†‚ÄúWhat I told you was true, from a certain point of view.‚ÄĚ

Jedis believe their word and their way is the correct way and punishes those who oppose them.  Isnt that oppression and the same thing as many dictators do? 

Jedi think theyre above the law. They conveniently ignore the laws when it applies to them.  Mace Windu learns that Palpatine is secretly a Sith Lord, he takes it upon himself as judge, jury, and executioner to straight up assassinate the elected leader of the galaxy. No warrant. No trial. No verification of the facts. No government authorization. No telling anyone about the Supreme Chancellor.

Jedi Mind Tricks:¬†Watching Obi-Wan Kenobi¬†wave his hand and say ‚Äúthese aren't the droids you are looking for‚Ä̬† might have been cute in the movie until we realize that Obi invaded the minds of¬†those Stormtroopers. Apparently, the only thing Jedi respect less than the sanctity of life and following the rules is the idea of free will.

Jedi have committed genocide: Jedi may have had a few questionable moments over the years, like killing off an entire civilization.


During the Battle of Ryloth, Aninkan Skywalker pretended to be surrendering so that he could get his Venator class star destroyer close enough to ram Nute Gunray’s Luckahawk class carrier / droid control ship. During the Battle of Chirstopollise, Obiwan Canobie pretended to be surrendering to distract the CIS general to allow Aninkan Skywalker and Asoka Tono to destroy the CIS shield generator so that the clones could use their heavy cannons to repel the CIS’ battle droids. In universe, these actions may have been legal under Republic law but on Earth they would be considered war crimes.

Didnt Luke destroy the cruise on Tatooine? Those innocent slaves and Max Rebo Band were not spared.


"Peace is a lie, there is only passion.Through passion, I gain strength.Through strength, I gain power.Through power, I gain victory.Through victory, my chains are broken.The Force shall free me." 


In Episode II, Jedi have a long history of warmongering. A thousand years before the films, the New Sith Wars saw the Jedi grow so militarized they named themselves the Army of Light. In response to jeopardizing their entire belief system, the Ruusan Reformation decentralized power in the Republic and disbanded the Jedi's armed forces, restricting their political influence. Then along came the Clone Wars, and the Jedi force pushed all that beneficial legislation aside and crowned themselves war generals once more. 

Rogue One, on his planet Onderon had sided with the Separatist movement, and in a plea to overthrow their king, he asked the Jedi Council for help. Wisely, Obi-Wan responded, ‚ÄúHow we conduct war is what distinguishes us from others. Funding rebels to overthrow a legitimate government puts innocent lives at risk.‚ÄĚ A very valid point. One that the Jedi immediately ignored.¬† They supplied cash and weapons to fund a coup. Even Anakin, Ahsoka, and Kenobi were deployed to show the¬†rebels how to kill more effectively. If this all sounds familiar, isnt that the repeat of the¬†'80s in Afghanistan, training the locals to fight the Russians hence came BinLaden?


Ahsoka was framed for bombing the Jedi temple, which was destroyed by their own Padawans in the Clone wars. She percieved the order as corrupt and evil.  Ahsoka was proven innocent and she realized it was the Jedi that was a crazy and extremists.

In Clone Wars, the Jedi are fighting to prevent people from ruling themselves free of the Republic and, by association, the Jedi Council.  Most people involved in the struggle on the side of the Separatists sincerely believed they were doing so in the name of capitalist freedom, at least at the start. But in this galaxy, it's either the Jedi way or the highway. And by the highway, we mean have your head cut off by a lightsaber.

The whole reason why the Sith came about in the first place was because they didn't share the same views as the Jedi. In fact, the first Sith were actually Jedi exiles (labeled Dark Jedi) who simply had a more radical view of how to use the Force and felt oppressed under the current Order. Years later, when the Jedi Knight known as Revan wanted to help people who were dying in the Mandalorian Wars, the High Council denied his request and forbade any involvement. So he quit the Order and did it anyway. In the process, he joined the Dark Side, only later to be kidnapped by the Jedi and brainwashed back onto the Light Side against his will. All this just goes to show that unless you conform to the Jedi way of doing things and follow their repressive ideals, you'll be ostracized, killed, or brainwashed/mind tricked. 

Does that sound like heroes?


Jedi created the Sith. 



"The Force was developed on Tython, discovered by these pre-Jedi philosophers. They came into conflict about what it means and how it should be addressed." Erickson explains. This conflict split the people in two. "What the Jedi call the Dark Side, and what came to be known as the Dark Side, these people believed that life should be about emotion. They believed you should be unrestrained, that the galaxy wants us to love and lust and kill and make art and cry and dream..." he trails off. I imagine him sitting on a throne, lightsaber under his right hand. This conversation started as two Star Wars fans chatting about the expanded universe, but now I'm starting to understand the draw of the Sith.

What happened to these hedonistic followers of the Force? "They get chased out of the galaxy. In fact, in the lore, chased to the point where the Jedi believe they are dead. This is very close to genocide! The Jedi believe these people to be unredeemable." 

He points out that we've only be presented one side of the story. If you grew up among these people, you have a very different story. "You know there is an Emperor, and that he saved your people's very existence, and there is a society out there larger than you, who deemed your people and your religion not worthy to exist."



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