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Gray Man Set Photo Reveals First Look At Ryan Gosling In Russo Brothers Movie

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The Gray Man set photo reveals first look at Ryan Gosling in the Russo Brothers’ new Netflix movie. After making their name as TV directors doing comedies like Community, Joe and Anthony Russo made the leap to the big screen big time as directors of multiple MCU movies, including the epic Avengers: Endgame.

The Russos however were not content with just being directors of epic comic book movies like the Avengers films. So in 2021 they released Cherry, starring MCU Peter Parker Tom Holland in a gritty drama about a veteran with PTSD and drug issues turning to a life of crime. Reviews for Cherry unfortunately were not positive, and the film currently carries just a 37% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

All the critical bashing for Cherry does not appear to have deterred the Russos however, as they are currently at work on another non-superhero project. Indeed, the Russos just revealed on social media that work has started on the new Netflix feature, a $200 million action film entitled The Gray Man. The movie’s star Gosling has also been confirmed to have arrived in L.A. to begin shooting via a new set photo from ET Canada.


The synopsis for The Gray Man reads: “Court Gentry (Gosling), a veteran CIA operative is betrayed by his own agency, forcing him to be a fugitive. Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), a former cohort of his at the agency is sent to hunt him down.” The movie’s cast also includes Regé-Jean Page of Bridgerton fame, Billy Bob Thorton, Alfre Woodard, Julia Butters and Ana De Armas.

The just-released photo does not require a spoiler warning, as it simply shows Gosling apparently in costume talking to crew members. Given that the movie faced delays in December due to COVID, it’s worth mentioning that Gosling and the other crew members shown are all properly masked up. The Russos haven’t revealed a lot about their newest directorial effort, but they did tease Captain America actor Evans’ villainous role, calling his character “really interesting” and teasing that he’ll “get to flex quite a bit” playing the bad guy opposite Gosling. Evans of course already flexed his bad guy muscles to notable effect in Rian Johnson’s murder-mystery Knives Out, and he appears ready to keep chipping away at his good guy image in The Gray Man.

After receiving somewhat brutal reviews for leading Holland to the dark and gritty side in Cherry, it remains to be seen if the Russos can pull off making Evans a bad guy in The Gray Man. Of course, the Russos already succeeded in making a renowned action thriller with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, starring Evans himself. The Gray Man indeed sounds closer to Winter Soldier in terms of story and tone than Cherry. There will also be plenty of interest in seeing superstars Gosling and Evans square off as enemies when the film arrives on Netflix – whenever that happens.

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