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PTN: Donation Status + Invites Etc.

Guest Evilblade

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Guest Evilblade

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I'll keep this news post rather brief and get straight to the point:

# Donations and the Donation System Explained:
Coders have fixed the issues concerning "Donations", however, there are a few technicalities I'd like to apprise you guys about.

V3 is different from V2 in more ways than is currently obvious. The donations, for instance, reward members for their "current" contributions (Since V3 went online).
But, as a token of gratitude we decided to make a one time exception and extend Privateer status to old contributors who had donated in excess of 50$ USD on PTN and helped us sail through rough seas.

Further, the issue(s) concerning the layout of donation page should be sorted out shortly.

# Invites and Rules concerning Invitations:
Consider this to be your first and only WARNING!

With increase in instances of abuse of invites by members, we have no option but to revoke all invites in order to ensure the safety of our member base.
Effective immediately, most invites have been removed.

However, about 5% of members on site still have their invites on account of having healthy invite trees and inviting good people to PTN in addition to being assets to PTN.

This would be the right time for members with active 'Giveaways' on invite peddling forums to close their threads and come clean with it. Failing to do so, will result in a rather unpleasant situation for you.

# Sites with official PTN recruitment threads:

Other than that.. we are still working on coding new stuff and you should see the results soon enough.

That is all for now. Cheers!

:: Staff
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