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Rick & Morty Season 5 Trailer Confirms June 2021 Release Date

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The Rick and Morty season 5 trailer has arrived, bringing bizarre looks at the dimension-hopping adventures to come, and a confirmed release date for June 2021. It’s been almost a year since season 4 ended, and the team behind the hit Adult Swim comedy has been hard at work. After the network made a massive order of 70 additional episodes in 2018, Rick and Morty has bared down for a long future ahead.

Rick and Morty season 4 delivered the same occasionally deep, sci-fi franchise-referencing, dry comedy-slinging, fourth wall-breaking style the show has been famous for since it first aired. Though there have occasionally been extended gaps between seasons, the series has consistently delivered high-quality writing and animation, setting the bar high for other shows in the genre. That high bar has also set big expectations for season 5.

Fortunately, the new Rick and Morty season 5 trailer delivers on all the beats fans have come to expect. There are interdimensional fish men. There are giant insect monsters. There are robot suits, alien wars, and Jerry being an all-around dummy. And, there’s an official premiere date – Sunday, June 20, at 11:00pm EST. Watch the new Rick and Morty season 5 trailer below.

Though Rick and Morty season 4 lacked the same level of deeper emotional moments as its predecessors, it still ended on a pretty heavy note, with Rick being scorned as both a bad family member and a bad friend. The series has always oscillated between comical treatment of Rick’s narcissism and more poignant looks at the character, and it’s that delicate balance that’s garnered the show such high critical praise. Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon and the rest of the show’s writers have created a genuinely complex and interesting cast of characters without ever compromising Rick and Morty’s sharp wit.

Certain segments of the Rick and Morty fan base have been very vocal online about which kinds of storylines they do and don’t like to see – a trend that has yielded some fourth-wall breaking callouts from characters on the show. Throughout the series’ transcendent rise in popularity, Roiland and Harmon have remained emphatic that they will continue to tell the stories they want to tell – sometimes silly, sometimes serious. With numerous future seasons already having been ordered by Adult Swim, Rick and Morty has a level of creative freedom now that few shows are afforded. Hopefully, Rick and Morty season 4 will continue to set the bar for adult animation when it premieres on June 20.

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