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TSH – A Revolution!!!

Guest Evilblade

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Guest Evilblade

“This site is still rather small compared to others and yet still we are at the top 5 when it come to pretimes.

If we get the user amount up to 3500 users, we have decided to convert the site into one that will have no ratio rules. This means no Upload counted, no download counted, and no hit’n'run rules.

We would also like to point out that in removing the ratio rules from the site we will Not be storing any Torrent history at all, this information is auto deleted after 24 hours. There will be no trace of what you have downloaded. Due to this we will have no control over what you seed and what you don’t seed and so therefore will have to rely on your good hearts to seed as long as possible for the other users. We are hopeful with no history of your activities here it will encourage people to create more of a community.

In the coming weeks we plan on implementing extra security features that have never been done before, that would make us a little revolution in the Torrenting world. Access to these extra features would only be available via donating, or activity in the forums, or a combination of both.

We plan for this to start, when we reach 3500 users, and at the same time we plan will close the site to make it an invite only.

If you want to have a site with great <20 sec pretimes, and gbit speeds, with no seeding and ratio rules, spread the word, fast, to all places that could get us users, invite who ever you can, tell them about the site, and make us grow and move to the next stage of our plans.


2 Weeks ago TorrentShack made this announcement and we would like to see this happen. If you read above and don’t believe it, believe it, TSH does and has been having some amazing pre-times. We did a comparison side by side with the fastest private torrent sites with pre-times side by side (you know who they are) and TSH held its ground and proved true to its word. With hundreds of scene releases a day being released and uploaded to torrent sites, TSH beat the others on an astonishing amount of releases. Along with the fast pre-times came fast downloads speeds as they promised as well. TorrentShack is defiantly in the top 5 with pre-times like they say.

Currently the site is Freeleech and has been for quite some time, you may as well call it a ratio-free site right now, but if we can get them those extra members they want then it will be the first site ever to become like a public site with no seeding/leeching rules and still be private for safety, security and amazing results when it comes to speed and content.

At this time of post the TSH only needs about 600 more members and the revolution will begin. There open registrations are suppose to last for only 16 more days so we see them getting the 600 they need. This is one site you don’t want to miss out on if you enjoy all of the above and especially all of those whom suffer a slow Internet connection.

About TSH, well it runs on the popular Gazelle code most niche tracker use but some general trackers do use it but not too many. The site has 3 themes, all quite nice but also since the site is Gazelle you have the ability to use your own CSS (if thats your kind of thing) so the site can look and feel how ever you choose. Just as the other most popular site, TSH has a regular browse section with movies, tv shows, games and more and separate new music/applications (music is browse-able by genre) and packs with there own sections so the 0day releases do not clutter up the browse page as there are a lot of sites who suffer this catastrophe there are only a few who run this sleek organization.

Registration Page:


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