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How To Fix Xbox Game Bar Not Recording On Windows 10

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When you are playing the game on full screen, you might not notice the programs running in the background. If some of the notifications are on and they might pop up, sometimes this can hinder the game bar recording. So you need to close the game and go to Desktop to run the Task Manager. Open the app by pressing the Keys CTRL + Shift + Esc together. Notice that any program which uses the CPU heavily can be a problem. Remove any such program while using the Game bar to record the screen.

Select the process and click on End task in the bottom right of the tab.

Windows Cache Removal:

This is another important task to implement for fixing the game bar not recording issue. The cache stored in the Windows Store might be a barrier for the error. Clear the cache with the following steps:

Press Windows Key + R to open the Run box.

Type wsreset.exe in the blank bar and click OK.

WSReset.exe is a troubleshooting command which can clear the cache on Windows Store. It is used to reset the Windows Store without removing any installed apps. It can help you to restore the functions of the Game bar as it gets rid of cache files.

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Update Graphic card Driver:

It is well established that the device drivers are majorly to be blamed for graphics issues. Device drivers are the programs which are assigned to the hardware to carry out respective functions smoothly. In other words, without the proper device drivers, hardware cannot perform with the system.

Here the game bar recording refuses to carry out the function properly. This is due to the graphics drivers are outdated and can’t communicate with the hardware. Therefore we need to fix the graphics driver in Windows. We recommend using  Advanced Driver Updater to get the problem with the driver fixed.

Steps to follow:

Download the app from the link below.

When installed successfully, it will open a tab with a brief scan of the system.

As it shows you the Driver status as outdated, click on the Start Scan Now for an immediate solution.

The driver scan shows a list of all the outdated drivers. Click on Update all.

Advanced Driver Updater will fetch the latest updates of the drivers from the respective websites of the hardware manufacturer. It will spare you from wasting time looking for each and every update. The tool is very helpful as it keeps running in the background and will only take a few moments to fix your driver issues.

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