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Alternate Falcon & Winter Soldier Bucky Nightmare Sequence Revealed

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An alternate version of the nightmare sequence from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 1 saw Bucky in the middle of a coup attempt in Puerto Rico. While Disney+'s second original MCU series was primarily centered around Sam Wilson's journey to becoming Captain America, it also took time to dive deep into Bucky Barnes' past trauma from his time as the Winter Soldier. Bucky is seen going to court-mandated therapy and trying to make amends with people from his past that he has hurt.

One of those people, Yori, is Bucky's neighbor in New York City. Unbeknownst to him, Bucky had murdered his son, RJ, during a mission. The mission is shown as a nightmare sequence that Bucky seems unwilling to talk about in therapy, but it's clear that becoming close to Yori has only exacerbated his guilt. While this is one of Sebastian Stan's most emotional storylines throughout the six-episode series, the original version of this sequence looked vastly different.

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Stunt coordinator Dave Macomber shared a video that shows the original version of the scene that was meant to be shot in Puerto Rico. The nightmare sequence saw Bucky attempt to take out a target in a castle in the midst of an attempted coup. The accompanying video shows a much more explosive scene than what made it into the final cut, but Macomber reveals that production was unable to film in Puerto Rico at the time.

It's unclear whether or not there was an emotional component to the original Bucky nightmare sequence, but the version that was ultimately chosen gives Bucky a much more satisfying emotional arc. This arc comes to a close in Falcon and the Winter Soldier's finale when Bucky finally tells Yori that he is the one who killed his son RJ, explaining that he did not die in an accident. It's one of the more emotional moments of the series and changing that for a more action-oriented nightmare sequence seems counterintuitive to the show's larger themes.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier deals with a lot of heady topics throughout its run. Whether or not it was ultimately successful has been a flashpoint of debate since the finale debuted last Friday, but it's clear that Sebastian Stan's performance as the Winter Soldier has been one thing that everybody can agree on. While the future remains unclear for Bucky, it's safe to assume that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier isn't the end of the road for him. With a Captain America 4 in the works as well as the new title for the series revealed at the end of the finale, there's plenty of places where Bucky could pop up again.

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