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Demonic Images & Footage Reveal First Look At District 9 Director’s Horror Movie

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The first images from Demonic, the fourth film from District 9 director, Neill Blomkamp, have been revealed. The project will mark Blomkamp’s first foray into the horror genre after mostly finding success with sci-fi action pictures. The movie joins a number of productions shot during the COVID-19 pandemic as lockdown restrictions were instated around the world.

Now, the first images and video footage of Demonic have been released by IFC Films. The teaser images certainly indicate a demonic presence, with one photo showing symbols including a pentagram bloodily etched into a man’s skin. Another photo seems to portray a woman undergoing an electroencephalogram test, which detects electrical activity in the brain. Check out the footage and images below:

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Neill Blomkamp discussed the film’s plot and revealed two first-look photos. In Demonic, “the main character is a girl whose been estranged from her mother,” explained the writer-director. “During the course of the film she gets sort of reunited with her mother and we learn about some crazy back story that she wasn't aware of.”  The director explains that the film is a "crossover between science fiction and horror.” Blomkamp will be hoping to replicate the success of his feature debut, District 9, the science fiction found footage film which featured an alien population, nicknamed “The Prawns,” exploited in a militarized refugee camp. The project was praised for tackling themes of xenophobia and social segregation.

The South African-Canadian director has chosen to cast mostly Canadian actors for the film, including Carly Pope, Chris William Martin, and Michael Rogers. Demonic will hit theaters on Aug 20 and will follow up with a VOD/digital release on Aug 27.

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