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Masters of the Universe Star Loses He-Man Actor Noah Centineo

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The upcoming Masters of the Universe movie will no longer star Noah Centineo as He-Man. Masters of the Universe started in the '80s with a line of toys including characters like He-Man, Skeletor, and Ram Man. Like any popular toyline in the '80s, Masters of the Universe received a cartoon show that made the characters even more well-known. Hoping to bank on the franchise's success, Cannon Films released a lackluster live-action Masters of the Universe film in 1987 with Dolph Lundgren.

A new Masters of the Universe movie has been stuck in development hell for years. There have been various updates on the film over the years, with several directors and writers entering and exiting the project. After McG left the movie, Aaron and Adam Nee were brought in to direct the film, which underwent rewrites from Iron Man writers Matt Holloway and Art Marcum. Despite production getting delayed a number of times, Masters of the Universe has had Centineo attached to the project since 2019. Now, the film has hit another snag.

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According to Collider, Centineo has exited Masters of the Universe. A representative for Centineo told Collider "He is no longer attached to that project." It is currently unknown why Centineo has stepped away from the movie.

The news of Centineo's exit comes as a bit of a surprise, especially since this would have been one of the actor's biggest roles of his career. The actor seemed genuinely excited for the role, even showing off photos of his physical transformation to play He-Man. The only other promotional material that Sony had released was a Masters of the Universe poster that was revealed when they announced the film's March 2021 release date. The film of course didn't release last month, and at this point, it hasn't even started production.

There are a number of reasons why Centineo may have stepped away from Masters of the Universe. Black Adam, which stars Centineo as Atom Smasher, just recently started filming, so it's possible that production on Masters of the Universe would have conflicted with his Black Adam shooting schedule. Losing Centineo is just the latest of problems Masters of the Universe has run into, but it is by far the biggest blow the project has sustained thus far. Masters of the Universe is now missing its star and a release date, meaning it could be some time before fans see He-Man on the big screen.

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