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If you recently upgraded to Windows 10 from an older version, you might’ve noticed a new icon named ‘People’ in the taskbar. It is a feature provided by Microsoft that allows you to connect with your friends and loved ones in a quick and easy way. Using this feature, you can chat with your contacts and share images and much more.

In this post, we will show you how to use People Bar in Windows 10.

How to use People bar:

Once you will update older version of Windows to Windows 10, you will see the People Bar icon in the taskbar, it will be turned on by default.

Click on ‘Get started’ button, it will open the following screen.

Now, go to the Apps tab, here you can see the apps to connect with your contacts like skype, mail etc.

If you have connected on skype, it will show you here connected and you can view your skype contacts via click on Find and pin contact from the bottom left corner.

On the new screen, you will all your skype contacts in alphabetical order and you can pin your contact and start your chat quickly from here without go to the skype app.

Note:  You can only pin maximum of 3 contacts to the taskbar of quick access.

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How to Add people Icon if lost from taskbar:

If the people icon is lost from taskbar, you can use the following steps to add it again to the taskbar.

Go to the on Start button of Windows 10 and click on Settings.

Now click on, Personalization.

Here, tap on Taskbar and scroll down and turn on Show people on the taskbar.

Once you will toggle on Show people on taskbar it will show you near the notification are of taskbar.

How to Hide people Icon from taskbar:

If you wish to hide the people icon from the taskbar, you can use the following steps to do so.

Tap on the People icon on the taskbar.

Here, click on 3-dots showing in bottom right corner.

A pop will appear, now click on People bar settings.

Scroll down and go to the People section, toggle off Show people on the taskbar.

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