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Aztech Forgotten Gods Video Game In Talks For Movie Adaptation

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Aztech Forgotten Gods, a video game inspired by ancient Mexican mythology and created by Lienzo Gaming Studio, will be adapted into a live-action feature film. The fledgling game hasn't even been released to the public yet but has a rollout planned for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC later this year.

With Aztech, it’s fun to envision what world building can be achieved through the many multi-dimensional characters, the mythology and vast cultural storylines.


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The rich combination of ancient mythology, history, and fantasy embedded in the game is a solid foundation for world-building that holds a lot of potential for creating a complex universe. Impossible Dream's producers were smart to snatch up Aztech at its early stages, as they may have a successful future franchise on their hands. The game also takes a revisionist approach to the history of European presence in Aztec society that both serves as a reminder of the brutality while making way for better stories to be told.

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