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Popcorn Time: the famous illegal streaming site has not said its last word

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One of the most popular pirate sites in the world is about to rise from its ashes, despite the various legal proceedings against it . The Popcorn Time site closed shop several weeks ago, following various complaints from several movie companies for massive copyright infringement. This closure suggested that the developers of Popcorn Time were finally throwing in the towel from their pirate site, but according to TorrentFreak , it is not.

One of the developers of the site has indeed affirmed that the return of Popcorn Time was well planned and that it was soon, and this, although the platform is still the subject of a judicial investigation and that the federal court de Virginie issued a preliminary injunction to lock down the site's domain name so that it cannot be transferred.

The TorrentFreak source also said that the site's demise was not related to complaints from the movie companies, but was the result of several internal issues. Yet Popcorn Time disappeared just days after the court injunction.

A mystery

At the moment, we do not yet know how or when Popcorn Time could make its comeback. It's a real mystery and it seems quite implausible given the legal pressure on the platform.

And yet, getting rid of this illegal streaming site , "Pirate's Netflix", does not seem easy. The point is, the official Popcorn Time repository is available on GitHub , so it's quite "easy" to make copies of the site. This is what happened when the original developers of the platform left the ship in 2014, others took up the torch based on the repository available on GitHub and put online several heirs of Popcorn Time.

The hacker site's GitHub page has already been the subject of a complaint by the Motion Picture Association and was only withdrawn for a time. Due to legal pressure against Popcorn Time, GitHub could be forced to remove the repository from the platform. It would certainly be a great way to pull the rug out from under the developers of the site and its multiple variations.

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