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Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead Trailer: Smart Zombies Are a Nightmare

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A new trailer for Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead shows off the terrifying alpha zombies that will be after the group of casino robbers in the upcoming Netflix film. The director's first non-DCEU film since 2011's Sucker Punch will be a return to the his roots in the zombie genre. Snyder's debut film, Dawn of the Dead, was a George A. Romero remake that many praised as an evolution of the genre and the director is looking to do the same with this upcoming film. Part heist film, part action thriller, and part horror show, Army of the Dead will take the zombie genre to a new level.

In Army of the Dead, a group of ragtag mercenaries will head into the Nevada desert for a large cash prize underneath the Las Vegas strip. What they don't expect is a new type of zombie, one that is smarter and faster. They'll also face off against zombie animals, including a tiger, birds, and horses. All of these zombies herald from Area-51, teasing their otherworldly origins and the expansive nature of the potential franchise.

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Now, a new Army of the Dead trailer from Netflix shows off these smart zombies and they are terrifying. Interspersed with glimpses at the expansive cast, the main attraction of the new clip are the zombies that are sure to take some of these mercenaries out. The zombie queen gets up close and personal with one of the mercenaries, while the others are chased down, hunted, and forced to fight off some blood-thirsty attacks. As Snyder himself says in his own tweet sharing the trailer, these zombies are "straight out of your nightmares."

The zombie genre has become a staple of popular culture over the last decade thanks to the soaring success of The Walking Dead, but what was once a hugely popular phenomenon has waned in recent years. Army of the Dead will have to prove that it can bring something new to the table when it premieres on Netflix, but the streamer seems confident it will do just that. In addition to the film set for a May release, Snyder also has a prequel film, titled Army of Thieves, set to come out on the platform.

Army of the Dead will also get an anime-style animated spinoff series and Netflix looks to be building a Snyder zombie universe that could take over the platform. With the director's legion of fans, a take over is not out of the question. First, though, Army of the Dead will have debut in spectacular fashion and from the looks of its trailers, that shouldn't be a problem.

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