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BitGamer Fishing Scam

Guest Evilblade

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Guest Evilblade

We've had reports of a user sending mass Private Messages, inviting users to a 'new torrent Tracker', bitsense.org.

Our Comunity Recommend our new torrent tracker: http://bitsense.org !

It is a general 0-day tracker with over 25k users !

Please join us now !

NOTICE: This is a mass pm, it has been sent to everyone

I would advice everyone to not register, it's most likely used as a phishing site, gathering personal info/email/pw etc.

If you already did, make sure you didn't give out information that can be used elsewhere... and if you did, change them.

My two cents.

PS: Thanks for the reports.

NOTICE: This is a mass pm, it has been sent to the following classes: PEASANT, USER, POWER_USER, ELITE_USER, VIP, ELITE_VIP, HONORED_MEMBER

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