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Subscribers to a pirated IPTV are going to be sued for hacking - Piracy News and Crypto Updates - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Subscribers to a pirated IPTV are going to be sued for hacking

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The IPTV pirate has become one of the ways majority of pirating today. These types of services offer everything users are looking for, including thousands of streaming movies and series , as well as live sports broadcasts. However, selling these types of services can lead to you losing your job.

The sale of pirated IPTV is increasingly persecuted, and even in some cases consumption as well. The clients of these services are still paying clients looking to save some money, so if they see that they do not have pirated alternatives, they will end up agreeing to the payment of the legal service.

You are demoted and convicted for selling pirated IPTV

The latest case against this hacking has been published by the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) , which has identified a man who sold illegal services that allowed access to paid sports, movies and series, selling subscriptions through a Facebook group and through an application. The contents could then be uploaded to devices through IPTV lists , where he himself recommended the use of a Fire TV Stick and offered guides on how to configure it, since it is one of the cheapest devices to watch pirated IPTV .

These types of activities are common, but in this case, the FACT has emphasized that this citizen, from Oxfordshire , was an active duty soldier with the rank of corporal in the Royal British Air Force . In collaboration with the RAF, they managed to identify him. However, they have not published if the man pleaded guilty or not, but there is already a final sentence.

The consequence for the military man not only reaches a personal or monetary level, but also reaches a work level, since he has degraded, losing his rank of corporal. In addition, he has been convicted of conspiracy to commit fraud.

However, what is curious about this case is that this illegal activity has had a direct impact on his professional career. We do not usually know the effects that those convicted of selling pirated IPTV have on their lives for having done this, since also normally their only activity consists of selling pirated IPTV.

The FACT affirms that it will go against users

With these types of convictions, the FACT wants to show that offering these types of services illegally can ruin your personal and work life, and if they go against a military man, they can go against any other type of person. Those who get involved in this activity know the consequences, and a military man should know it more than anyone, but in this case he preferred to take risks in exchange for making quick money, albeit illegally.

In addition to identifying the operator, the FACT affirms that the service subscribers have also been identified , and they affirm that now they are going to go after them. In the past these accusations have not ended in lawsuit, but this time they could comply.

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