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Squid Game: Why The Recruiter Smiles When He Sees Gi-hun


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Squid Game's finale shows the recruiter smile when he sees Seong Gi-hun again, and here's why he was happy to see Gi-hun again after the games.


Squid Game's ending includes the recruiter and Seong Gi-hun having a brief reunion, and here's why the recruiter smiles when he sees Gi-hun again. The setup for Netflix's new hit show has people in great debt recruited to take part in a series of children's games with deadly twists for a chance to win 45.6 Billion won. Squid Game tells this story with Seong Gi-hun as the main character and shows him go from a broke gambler, lazy son, and absent-minded father to the winner of the whole competition.

Once Gi-hun won Squid Game, his life doesn't prove to be as wonderful as someone with billions of won would expect. This eventually leads him to give all his money away and plan a trip to see his daughter. However, the events of Squid Game unexpectedly interfere with these plans. When Gi-hun is on his way to the airport to leave South Korea, he sees the recruiter who originally brought him to the games in the train station. The recruiter is in the process of getting another victim, which upsets Gi-hun. However, the recruiter has a very different reaction to seeing Gi-hun and his red hair and cracks a smile at the sight of him through the passing train.

The recruiter smiling at Gi-hun at the end of Squid Game is curious but something that makes plenty of sense after thinking through his situation. This recruiter is presumably one of hundreds stationed throughout Korea and could've been involved with the competition for years. The train station is clearly his usual recruiting spot, but this is likely the first time he's ever seen one of his recruits again. As a recruiter, he knows that the person he convinces to join Squid Game has low odds of winning the games and returning to the real world at all. There is an even smaller chance that the recruiter would see any former winner again, so Gi-hun could be the first one he's ever seen after the games.


On top of the low odds that a recruiter has of seeing a Squid Game recruit again in the real world, this recruiter's smile at Gi-hun's presence is an obvious sign that he's happy to see Gi-hun survived the deadly competition. There was a chance that Gi-hun could've decided to not return to the Squid Game after the original competition was canceled due to the player-wide vote too. This decision might have led the recruiter and Gi-hun to cross paths again in the future. However, this is a rarer encounter as it comes a year after Gi-hun returned and won the games. The recruiter might not know that Gi-hun won before, so this sighting could be the first confirmation he had of Gi-hun's survival.

Although the recruiter seems happy to see Gi-hun again, Squid Game doesn't give them a chance to properly reunite. The recruiter runs away from the scene to avoid Gi-hun and likely plenty of questions about the games. There's a chance Squid Game season 2 could bring them back together again. If Gi-hun happens to see the recruiter for a third time, it'll be fascinating to see how that reunion plays out.


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The last post in this topic was made more than 14 days ago. Only post in this topic if you have something valuable to add. Irrelevant posts are not allowed and you will be warned/banned for spamming old topics.

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