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Hello there!

ABT is looking for people interested in helping out as MODERATORS.

If YOU might be interested, the requirements are few, i.e.

-- Willing and able to spend at least an hour or two every day on site checking on torrents etc.

-- Able to help people with any problems they might have in Support etc.

There will be a training period, we will give you full support and help in mastering all the ins and outs, never fear.
You will start as an EDITOR and then based on your prowess as an awesome worker (or not) we will promote people to full mods. We aren't asking for a 24/7/365 slave, we need people interested in the site and in BOOKS and helping others read them too.
So, if the shoe even sort of maybe fit, PM TheGene and he'll take you further through.

Also, a HUGE thanks to our uploaders, you guys are soooo awesome, there aren't enough words to say how great it is to see so many new books coming in. Thanks again for all your hard work and effort.

On the donations front, mmmm well, seems like .. well, nothing happening? And we mean, nothing? Please folks, we sort of do sort of you know expect every single member here to AT LEAST donate 5 bucks a year? I mean if that is too much for ya, maybe you can't afford internet, or a phone either? It's really not preposterous to ask this of everyone, so, if you haven't yet, please do contribute YOUR share? If we get a consistent inflow we can look at larger faster better servers - it benefits everyone, so pitch in and do your bit now!

Other than that, spray and stay away! Be safe, keep your distance, sanitize and LIVE!

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