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Snow White Movie Casts Gal Gadot As Evil Queen In Live Action Adaptation


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Disney's upcoming live-action Snow White movie has found its Evil Queen in Gal Gadot. The Mouse House has spent the past several years charging forward with a plethora of live-action remakes of its most iconic animated movies, with many finding financial and critical success. Earlier this year, Emma Stone played Cruella de Vil for a gritty reimagining of the villainess' origin story, and the Disneyland attraction Jungle Cruise was turned into a rollicking adventure flick. Disney has multiple live-action movies in development, including one based on its very first animated movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Snow White has been in development since 2016, though only recently has it made real strides forward. Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-Man) is attached to direct, while the musical minds behind The Greatest Showman and La La Land, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, are penning new songs for it. In June, Rachel Zegler scored the lead role of Snow White, making it her latest high profile role following West Side Story and Shazam: Fury of the Gods.

Now Zegler's mortal enemy has entered the fray. Per Deadline, Gal Gadot is in final negotiations to play the Evil Queen for Snow White. It's said that while casting for the part of Snow White was a long process, Gadot was eyed for the Evil Queen early on. For her part, Gadot was interested in joining actresses like Angelina Jolie and Cate Blanchett in playing an iconic Disney villain. She worked out scheduling with the producers last week; production is reportedly expected to take place next year.

Also according to Deadline, Disney has been determined to get the music right for Snow White, which is aiming to expand upon the story of the original. Now that castings are taking place and a tentative production start is in place, it sounds like Disney feels confident about Snow White's direction and is now looking to push it into a more active development stage. The movie still requires a Prince Charming and all its dwarves, but Gadot's casting is a major step forward and also an impressive win for the project as a whole.

As the DCEU's Wonder Woman, Gadot has become an international superstar in recent years. She's set to return for Wonder Woman 3, though one has to guess that will come after Snow White finishes production. Gadot has some major projects coming up, with her next movie, Netflix's Red Notice, set to premiere in just over a week. Now that she can count queen among her list of roles, it's safe to say Gadot is ruling Hollywood. It'll be interesting to see her take on the Evil Queen since she's known for her more heroic roles. Snow White is shaping up to be an intriguing project for Disney, so stay tuned for more updates.
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