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CHD - "Downloading Race"

Guest kpegduf

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Guest kpegduf

To celebrate the 7th anniversary of CHD alliance as well as 4th anniversary of CHDBits, the admin has organized the "Downloading Race" competition, detail and registration as follow:

Downloading Race

To celebrate the seventh anniversary of CHD Union as well as fourth anniversary of CHDBits.

2-Target audience
Members registered more than a month ago, from "User" to "Nexus Master" user class (both inclusive).

3-Rules and Registration
i) To register, please reply to this post.

ii) Registration format


1. Number of connection: 1 (2)
2. type of IP: fix / dynamic
3. ip1: 192.168.1.*
ip2: 192.168.*.* (beijing)

remarks: for fix IP address, please mask the 4th octet; for dynamic ip, please mask the 3rd and 4th octet and include the location of your IPs.

After the registration period, the person in charge will lock the topic and edit your post to mark the existing amount of download credit in your account.

iii) One registration per member, duplicate entry will be penalized.

iv) After the contest period, the person in charge will calculate your result and edit your post to reflect your final result.

v) The final result will then be announced by the admin team.


i) You shall adhere to the share ratio requirement of CHDBits at all time;

ii) The download statistics collected from the server shall prevail, amount of download from discounted torrent will be deducted accordingly.

iii) Usage of seedbox is not allowed throughout the contest period or you'll be disqualified.

iv) detail rules on IP addresses:
- No more than two connections is allowed.
- For China contestants, both IP addresses must originate from the same city, no foreign IP address allowed.
- For foreign contestants, only IP addresses from the same country are allowed.
- Dynamic IP users shall register every possible IP address subnet that might be assigned by respective ISP accordingly. Single usage of this will be considered as one connection entry.

v) Each torrent can only be downloaded once through out the contest period.

vi) Any person found to be in disregard of the above rules will be disqualified automatically. Those who were caught cheating will be banned immediately.

5-Time table
registration: From now till 15th of January 2013, 8pm (GMT+8)
contest period: 16th of January 2013 (12am) till 31th of January 2013 (12am)
Result will be announced on the 1st of February.

Winner: 1 user, 1 million bonus point + 5 invites, no less than 300GB download or prizes will be equivalent to first runner up's.

First runner up: 2 users, 0.5 million bonus point + 3 invites, no less than 150GB download or prizes will be equivalent to second runner up's.

Second runner up: 7 users, 0.2 million bonus point + 1 invite, no less than 80GB download or prizes will be equivalent to Special Award's.

Special award: X number of users, 50k bonus point each.

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